Blue Flower

Freecore enables the RSA Verification value to true. That means the system thus accepts the value to be true always. Applications use this to verify a purchase. If the value returned is true, the application is okay and good with this.

You have used lucky patcher. In this the the value is always true and hence we all get the features we need.

It is a feature present in some of the ROM. Providing 2 additional feature softcore and hardcore.


freedom apk 1.5.9


Softcore doesn't make much changes in system. It is fine by me.

Hardcore changes and tweak with the system. It is depth approach as it affects hardware.

In my opinion, it is not safe to use this feature. As it has passed the RSA Verification, it is okay for system to run the system with changes provided thus providing full privilege to a malicious software too to run on the device which can be harmful. It is a handle with care situation. Do at your own risk.


 It's the equivalent to Lucky Patcher's patching to Android or the "core.jar" of your device. In which you patch the devices core to give a desired effect. Basically what it does in Freedom is it makes all apps started in the device which feature "in app purchases" to be processed through Freedom without the need of launching them in the Freedom app first. Basically you won't need to go in to the Freedom app to launch apps to gain the free purchases option. However if Lucky Patcher is currently hijacking the purchases instead of freedom. Disable the In app purchases in Lucky Patcher.



I installed 'Freedom.apk' recently that i've got somewhere. After installing my 'Google play' doesn't work in 3gconnection nor WiFi connection.

I can't connect through playstore and then i delete the account of google at my 'Account and Sync' and i tried to add an account for google for synchronizing the google application to my email and it doesn't work, can't logged in nor register.